New plug reducing sulfites wine

02 May 2016

Vinnovate Australian company has launched a new screw cap that has the ability to reduce the presence of sulfites in wine by adding

a solution that reduces the impact of such preservatives. Its creators present it as a solution for allergy sufferers wine or for those

who want to add the wine different subtle flavors, as this is one of the tasks of the plug.
Joshua and Simon Schmidt, owners of the Australian company Vinnovate, have introduced a new plug able to reduce wine sulfites and other additives which are usually used for

the conservation of this drink, clarification, etc. In addition, the cap can add subtle flavors to wine modifying its original flavor to suit the taste of the palate. This invention has allowed

its creators win the Brancott Estate WinExplorer, a contest that is committed to revolutionize the wine experience with new ideas and projects.

In the competition this year more than 100 innovations of Australia and New Zealand were presented in a pre ­ selection phase, were selected five finalists to present a project that

could have the ability to change the way in which wines are enjoyed. In this contest he won the plug Vinnovate for their ability to enhance the wine experience. It is a screw cap

containing a solution that is released by pressing a button, this solution reduces the effects of preservatives and other substances, which states that may be useful for those who

suffer allergies to wine , specifically some of the substances contained in it, such as casein or albumin.

According to the winners of this contest innovations to the world of wine, there is increasing market studies show that it is increasing the number of people who experience adverse

reactions when they drink wine. This led them to investigate how they can help these people to enjoy wine. Speaking of sulfites , such as sulfur dioxide, sodium sulfite, bisulfite,

potassium and others explain that they are preservatives widely used in the wine industry, since these compounds are able to improve the conservation of wine, inhibit growth of

bacteria and molds, prevent wine oxidation and preserve their aroma and freshness. However, in some people cause headache, urticaria, etc., with the plug and integrated solution,

the problem, in theory, is eliminated.

Previously we have spoken of similar devices, such as Üllő , a filter for sulphites wine that was advertised as a revolutionary system that allows the wine to restore its natural state,

without preservatives or other additives. This filter removes selectively sulfites, by passing the beverage through a porous food grade polymer that achieves reduced to less than 10

ppm (parts per million) contents in this compound. Clearly the difference between one system and another, proposed by Joshua and Simon Schmidt brothers, released into the drink solution which have not given details, the system Üllő adds nothing to the wine, its purpose is simply filter and remove these substances. Perhaps Üllő developers should have been submitted to this contest.

We do not know if the new cap reducing sulfites wine hit the market, but it seems that the company responsible for its development is already in talks with several Australian

wineries, and also work with Pernod Ricard to try out the new cap market. It must be said that collaboration with Pernod Ricard is one of the awards won in the Brancott Estate WinExplorer contest, in addition to some 30,000 euros. Vinnovate makers believe that in the coming years the screw cap is the most used ousting the cork (something many will question), hence your system will develop on a screw cap.

Also consider that your system has many applications and can be introduced into other beverages, if they say to change the taste, the beverage industry and has a wide range of

flavors and it is not necessary to add any substance to change or promote a flavor. In the video you will learn more about the prize won in the Brancott Estate WinExplorer , and the operation of the plug. And to learn more about the company that has developed, you can access this link .­tapon­que­reduce­los­sulfitos­del­vino/