We’re always working to expand our horizons and explore the ways our innovation can benefit a variety of industries.

Steeped in centuries of tradition, the old and new world wine industries collided in the 1970’s to dramatically shape the industry we know today. Fast-forward some forty odd years and you’ll see that wine making, as well as wine packaging has come a long way.
At Vinnovate, we draw on a lifetime immersed in wine regions and wine culture. Combining profession and passion, Vinnovate has set about bringing wine into the next century through its game changing innovation.

In an age where consumer expectations are higher than ever; in a global market with more wine offerings, a greater emphasis on health and a strong push toward the premiumization of products, Vinnovate has created a closure technology to put the power back in the hands of the consumer.
Our unique on-demand closure offers consumers the choice to engage with their favourite wine on a deeper level to suit their individual tastes, preferences and health requirements.

The functionality of Vinnovate’s disruptive closure system provides a mechanism for competitive advantage to enhance perceived product value, grow market share, increase consumer choice, expand product range and offer products to suit region, culture and marketplace.

Never before have wine producers had the ability to influence the appearance of their product after it has left the winery, nor how their consumers see their wine, in bottle. Until now.

Through our partner organisation, Praqua; whose translates to “Priority Water”, Vinnovate have developed the ‘Puribag’.

With a focus on the humanitarian applications, and emergency preparedness, the Puribag provides the perfect bridge between an event occurring, and the restoration of infrastructure services.

The Puribag allows the user to capture, treat, store, and evacuate contaminant material, ensuring that they have access to safe drinking water in the hours and days after an emergency event. Through a simple treatment process, safe drinking water can be produced within 30 minutes. All that is required is a non-salinated water source.

Working with organisations across the subcontinent, Praqua is dedicated to providing a real solution to a real life problem.

Why not see for yourself? Check out the link below:

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Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 12.50.23 pm

Empowerment, engagement and choice are all key themes in the world today.

At Vinnovate, we recognize that consumers want and need more – More choices, more options, more flavours and more freedom in how they can enjoy their favourite products.
As consumer tastes and preferences can differ based on region or market, Vinnovate’s award winning closure technology can be adapted to meet those needs.
Our unique on-demand technology provides consumers with a deeper level of product engagement and provides beverage producers the ability to meet consumer needs like never before. 

For the consumer, It’s your beverage, your way, when you want it.