Vinnovate a boutique Consulting Agency that draws on a lifetime of industry knowledge and experience, and brings to the table our innovative edge to get the best results for our clients. We are Entrepreneurs, Winemakers, Marketers, and Business Experts, and we want to leverage our knowledge and ability to assist others in chasing and fulfilling their dreams as we have.

We think differently, working to move the industries and clients we work with forward to the future, in line with trends and market analysis.

Vinnovate offers a suite of consulting services to build business opportunities, with a specialisation in the Wine Industry. We understand that each business is different and its needs are not always the same as the next business, so we tailor our offering to best suit our clients’ needs.


Vinnovate has applied for and been successful in receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding for both ourselves and our clients.

We know that you are busy running your business, so let us take the hard work out of finding and applying for grant funding to push your business forward. We know because we do!


Having managed the marketing operations of a large-scale commercial business portfolio, Vinnovate can assist with all of your marketing needs. From marketing management to campaign execution, planning and implementation, we’ve got you covered.


We are experts at building comprehensive business plans for owners to better understand their business, its performance, who its target customers actually are, and assist to identify areas for improvement to drive bottom line growth. These plans are also extremely valuable for those building new business, or new parts to existing businesses in identifying key value components of the new venture.


This is a higher level business analysis, which takes elements of the business plan and builds them into a longer term growth strategy for your business. Strategic planning is about putting things in place to ensure that your business stays on track and growing for the long term.


We work with clients looking to take their brilliant ideas and turn them into viable (and profitable) business. We have been down this path already with it all starting from an idea, a vision for the future of wine. For the past 6 years we’ve worked through all the challenges of establishing and building a company with products, establishing supply chains, patent filings and maintenance, building value propositions for investors, and more.


With the recent federal government release of funding opportunities to the states for wineries and cellar door operations, we work with clients to understand their wants and needs, and build value propositions in the form of grant submissions to enable these businesses to grow and flourish with the assistance of capital funding.


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